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Letting go

April 25, 2010 1 comment

Do not let obsession

Ruin the flow of the mo’,

Keep doing what you know that you know

And go along with the rolling

Of whatever stone that you’ve thrown.

Instructions and orders without borders,

Too many and your mind will just blow.

Allow, control, remove the mould

And the hold that restricts the goal.

Just one goal, one hope,

Anything else is a load

To the senses and the sense of a self,

To the matter in the brain

And its endless end of cells.

To uphold a vision, beware, the envision

Is a mould and a boulder in a door.

Instead of the moan, the loneliness,

Let the demon enter and escape.

Envision the dream then let it go

Through the open door of a senseless self.