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All you can do

April 30, 2010 Leave a comment

What's wrong?The last couple of days my mood has been bobbing up and down a bit. The highs have been moderate but predominant (southwesterly in the frontal lobe), the lows have been short-lived but unexpected. Yesterday I had an episode that involved feeling perplexion, humiliation and irritation all flat-packed into one compact emotion. Throughout the afternoon, a bitterness lingered like pins and needles, even though I had forgotten most of what had caused the original feeling (there comes the perplexion again – “why do these things happen to me?”). As I couldn’t find a way to shake it off, I grew more and more agitated, still clueless as to the why and the how.

Later on in the day, a ray of sunshine (both literal and figurative) left me feeling cool and contented, because everything was alright after all. For some reason, I just started smiling, on the bus home. Looking out of the window at the same old streets, I had just finished ruminating the day’s fresh events. It occurred to me, as it often has on previous occasions, that laughter is the best thing ever. It’s all we can do in the face of absurdity. It’s the only thing that will make things better, as laughter can never be bad (no, evil cackles don’t count). Good, honest abandonment and escapism. Acceptance and “what the heck”. There is always a smile and a (luke)warm feeling to be dug out of every situation.

Sometimes, though, a bit more digging is needed.

And sometimes, no matter how much you dig and how many laughs you find along the way, you won’t be at ease until you’ve unearthed the root you stumbled over in the first place.

Make any sense?